Adam Karp

MANAGING PARTNER / Chief Security Officer

Adam is a noted Cyber security expert whose constant vision towards the future has been a guiding principle at KL tech since the company's inception in 2001. He has a distinguished track record for bringing innovations from the tech world to business clients large and small. He delivers the best-in-class solutions, services, protections, and value. Adam has worked with hundreds of clients designing and implementing topflight data security. In addition, he has improved productivity and facilitating compliance as a service for those clients with regulatory requirements. Adam is an often-quoted expert on leading edge technology innovations in cyber security and data protection. His passion for future innovations has KL Tech implementing and exploring AI solutions and designing system plans to provide state of the art security. Prior to starting KL Tech, Adam developed several Internet businesses including a college direct marketing service, a new media job board and a children's educational website. Adam graduated from Columbia University with an Economics degree. He is also a long-standing Microsoft Certified Professional.